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What are Varicose Veins?(वैरिकोज वेन्स)

The varicose vein (वेरीकोज वेन) is a condition that affects the veins of the body and makes them appear bulging, bluish and very prominently visible under the skin. This condition predominantly affects the legs and feet. Varicose veins (वैरिकोज वेन्स) occur when your veins become swollen and get twisted. Varicose veins (वैरिकोज वेन्स) on the surface network of veins may be mild and relatively harmless since they are caused by the overfilling of blood. However, if varicose veins (वैरिकोज वेन्स) affect the deeper network of veins, it can cause pain, discomfort and some serious problems.

This condition generally affects adults and women are more likely to be affected than men. Do not worry as the varicose vein (वेरीकोज वेन) can be easily treated in mumbai with a laser varicose vein surgery.

  • Blood clots: Due to varicose veins, the veins close to your ankles might become swollen. Constant pain and discomfort in your leg might indicate a blood clot condition which is known as thrombophlebitis. This warrants immediate varicose veins surgery in mumbai.
  • Ulcers: If you notice discolouring on your skin, especially near your ankles, it could indicate the formation of ulcers. You need to undertake varicose veins treatment when this happens.
  • Bleeding: Sometimes, varicose veins close to your skin may erupt causing minor bleeding. This can cause discomfort and require varicose veins treatment.

The following are some symptoms of Varicose Veins that you can keep an eye for:

  • Visible blue, red or purple veins in legs and may even bulge out.
  • Pain in legs while standing or sitting.
  • Leg cramps and heavy legs.
  • Radiating pain and bleeding.
  • Burning sensation in legs.

A doctor will perform diagnostic tests to check for symptoms of Varicose veins in your legs. The doctor conducts a physical examination which includes checking for any swelling in your legs. The doctor can also suggest a diagnostic test to check for internal signs of Varicose veins. A diagnostic test called venous doppler ultrasound might be suggested to you to check for the circulation of blood in the affected veins in your leg.

Varicose Veins surgery is the best option to treat the ailment. You might be suggested any of the following surgeries by your doctor, depending on the severity of your ailment:

  • Laser/ radiofrequency ablation
    This is the simplest surgical procedure for the treatment of Varicose Veins. The procedure treats the affected veins by reducing the swelling with the help of short bursts of laser rays. The procedure is painless and there are no incisions made on the body.
  • Sclerotherapy
    A foam solution is injected into the small and medium-sized Varicose Veins. The solution helps scar the vein and close it over time. This leads to the reduction of Varicose Veins without any incisions in your body.
  • High ligation and vein stripping
    This surgery is done to tie a Varicose Vein before it reaches a deeper vein in the leg. This procedure is done on smaller Varicose Veins closer to the surface of the skin so that they can be removed without any problems.
  • Glue treatment
    A special surgical glue called cyanoacrylate glue is inserted to seal the Varicose Veins so that they cannot reach the inner veins of the leg that handle large volumes of blood circulation.

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Frequently asked questions:

You might require a venous doppler ultrasound test, and some routine health investigations before the surgery if the doctor recommends it to you. Do not worry, as PharmEasy Care Expert takes care of scheduling all your diagnostic tests in mumbai.

Yes, laser surgery is safe for every age group since it is a painless procedure conducted by expert surgeons in mumbai.

Yes, PharmEasy SurgiCare offers you EMI options to pay for your laser varicose veins surgery when opting for the procedure in mumbai.

Usually, there are no side effects of the varicose veins surgery as it is a precise procedure, requiring no incisions or stitches in mumbai.

The laser Varicose Vein surgery from PharmEasy takes only 30 minutes to be completed.

No, there is no bleeding after getting laser surgery.

The chances of recurrence are minimal since laser surgery is considered very effective for this treatment.

When wear and tear on the valves in the veins cause blood to collect instead of seamlessly flowing to the heart it can lead to spider veins (smaller blood vessels) or varicosities/ varicose veins (larger blood vessels).

If you are suffering from spider veins on your legs or varicose ulcers, then opting for varicose veins surgery is the safest and quickest remedy. Approximately, the cost of sclerotherapy (procedure for spider vein treatment and varicose veins treatment) in mumbai is starting from INR 48,000 only. However, the cost depends on a number of factors. To know how much varicose veins surgery will exactly cost you, contact the PharmEasy support team. PharmEasy SurgiCare offers you a minimum of 20% savings on 100% cashless procedure and also the benefit of Costless EMI. For all the Insurance holders, the surgery cost will be zero.

PharmEasy SurgCare is not an insurance company or regulatory body. The extent of your health insurance coverage completely depends on the type of health insurance plan purchased and the terms and conditions put forth by the company. The PharmEasy team in mumbai provides you with complimentary insurance documentation and processing and the option of zero-deposit admission if you are already insured.